for the Minelab Explorer S, XS, II, SE, E-Trac, Safari & Quattro


No more Empty holes! No more scratched or damaged targets!

Experience a Sun Ray in-line probe on your detector and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!!

Order Yours Today!!!


(Note: Above price does not include the upper shaft. If you are not sending in your upper shaft for modification add $47.09 for a new upper shaft for pre-mounted probe. NOTE: We do not offer kits for customer assembly.)

(NOTE: We now have new stock of the black upper shafts for the Explorer SE, E-Trac & Safari)   Probes for the Quattro will now be fitted with the black Safari shaft. Minelab no longer manufactures the XS upper shaft and our supply is exhausted.  If you need an X-1 for your Explorer S or XS you will either have to send us your upper shaft for modification or have your Sun Ray Dealer send it in for you.

NOTE: Your Explorer, E-Trac, Quattro, Safari upper shaft must be sent to Sun Ray for the X-1 Probe installation or a new one may be purchased from your dealer or direct from Sun Ray. Contact your local Sun Ray Dealer or Sun Ray Detector Electronics direct for full details. When ordering X-1 be sure to state which arm you swing with  (right or left) for proper probe switch installation.

(WARNING: The Explorer XS & S upper shaft is not recommended for use with the new Explorer II/SE, SE Pro/E-Trac/Quattro/Safari control housing and may damage the locking system.) NOTE: We except no responsibility for any damage caused to the Explorer II/SE, SE Pro/E-Trac/Quattro/Safari control housing if you choose to use the XS & S upper shaft for your X-1 Probe installation on the above models. (NOTE: Due to the permanent mounting of the X-1 switch box to the detector's upper shaft we do not recommend - or offer - switch box changes from one shaft to another.)

Sun Ray Detector Electronics has been manufacturing multi-frequency in-line probes since 1997. Our design and production engineer has been designing and building probes for over 11 years which include in-line multi-frequency, stand alone as well as pulse and has designed and built pulse detectors and circuits. The popularity of our in-line probes is well known in the metal detecting industry and satisfied customers tell us our quality is second to none! 

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